Dead Elvis Wanks

Dead Elvis is around the corner.  Spots are filling up quickly.

Home KennelHash Name
Memphis H3$20 Holla
Memphis H3Alabama Slammer
Memphis H3Alley McFeel
Aloha H3Anal Fission
Memphis H3Artichoker
Dragon Deez H3B.B.A Tuggers
Memphis H3Ballstrami
Memphis H3Black is the new Orange
Memphis H3Black Lace Justice
OUCH3Bonnie Blue Balls
Memphis H3Bound Ungagged
GQ Quarterly H3Bubble Cumm
Memphis H3Bunker Buster
Memphis H3But Wait.. There's Porn!
Memphis H3Butter and a Running Start
OUCH3Chief Muff N Charge
Memphis H3Choke a hoe
Memphis H3Chop Sue Me
MGH4Church Mouse
Memphis H3Coke and a Smile
Memphis H3Covalent Bondage
MGH4Cream of Somyungai
Memphis H3Creamsicle
MGH4Cumz with Scotch
MRH3Cunt .45
Memphis H3Cunt E. Jackula
OUCH3Darth Fester
Fort Worth H3Deadhead
Huzzah H3/DFW H3Deodorcunt
Memphis H3Dock and a Hard Place
Memphis H3Don't Tell Your Sister
OUCH3Double Stuffed Whore-e-o
Memphis H3Doubleclit Cum
Memphis H3Douche McSploosh
Chicago H3Dr. Cockvorkian
Memphis H3Dr. Giggles
Memphis H3Driving Miss Crazy
MOOOOUSTON H3Dumpsterbaiter
Birmingham & VulcanDungeons N Younguns
Memphis H3Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
MCH3Elmo's Fuck Buddy
Huzzah! H3Epic Fail
Memphis H3First Glass
Memphis H3Fister Scale
Memphis H3Fountain of Juice
friendly toast h3furry spice
Chattanooga Choo Choo H3Ghost Rider
Memphis H3Glue Factory Gum Job
OUCH3Gorilla RAMher
Memphis H3Gotta Grab Em All
Memphis H3Gray Anatomy
OUCH3Great Wall of Vagina
Memphis H3Gummy Worm
Memphis H3Hi Guys
Huzzah H3/DFW H3I'm So Rong
Memphs H3Iron Curtain
Memphis H3Iron Curtian
Memphis H3Jalapeehole
Memphis H3Jiffy Lube
Agaña H3Junk in the Trunk
Memphis H3Just Andy
Memphis H3Just Beverly
Memphis H3Just Brett
Memphis H3Just Britney
Memphis H3Just Bryan
Memphis H3Just Caroline
Memphis H3Just Cory
Memphis H3Just Earnest
OUCH3Just Heather
Memphis H3Just Kelsey
Memphis H3Just Leigh
Memphis H3Just Marcus
Memphis H3Just Megan
Memphis H3Just Melissa
Memphis H3Just Nick
Memphis H3Just Sandra
Memphis H3Just Stephanie
Memphis H3Kernel Anus
Memphis H3Lazy Saddles
Memphis H3Lesbi Honest
Chicago H3Lifa
wang 2 mouthlittle trogan annie
Chicago Thirstday H3Menstrual Casserole
Memphis H3Mission Accumplished
Memphis H3Mushroom Melt
MOOOOUSTON H3Nappy Headed Homo
Memphis H3One-Eyed Wetter
Memphis H3Orville reddencocker
Memphis H3Please Us Christ
Poke Her Butt
Memphis H3Prick The Boy Wonder
Memphis H3Prince Hand Job
Memphis H3Pussy Woody
Memphis H3Rag Time Gal
Lunar H3Reverend Lickalottapuss
Louisville H3Ride the Tide
Memphis H3Ring Ring
Memphis H3Rinse and Repeat
Chicago H3Roofie Ragu
Memphis H3Runs Em Dry
Memphis H3Schlampe Shopper
Voodoo H3Scuba Steve
T.I.T.SSequined Asian Man
KAWh3Shix Appeal
BirminghamStatutory shower hour
Memphis H3Straight Hole for the Queer Guy
OUCH3Taco Sans Carne
Fort Worth H3Tanned Peaches
Memphis H3Tequilla Big Bird
OUCH3The Moist Cuntsman
C3H3Tittsburgh Orgynizer
Memphis H3Token's Little Cuckhold
Rocket Shitty H3Tokin Lick-n-Stick
Memphis H3TP For My Tounge Hole
Memphis H3Trailor Nailer
Memphis H3Tsemenami Surfer
Memphis H3Tugs Bunny
Memphis H3Two Beds One Nightmare
wang 2 mouthw-jew 40
Chattanooga Choo Choo H3Walk O' Shamy
W3H3Who's Your Daddy?
Memphis H3Whora the Explora
GQ Quarterly H3wHOre Paint
MCH3Windows NT
White House H3Wreath Around
Memphis H3