Trail History

DateNumberHaresStartTheme/EventNamingNamed HashersJustsVisitorsTotal on Trail
9/10/2016987Rag Time Gal, Runs Em DryNesbit ParkBrown Bag HashLazy Saddles
9/2/2016986Behind P&H Cafe
8/27/2016985Gooch ParkKing Tu Two Cumming, One Eyed Wetter
8/20/2016984Cum Solo40 S. Camilla St., Memphis, NTDEAD ELVIS 2016Chop Sue Me
8/19/2016983Please Us Christ, Aqua Vulva40 S. Camilla St., Memphis, NTDEAD ELVIS 2016
8/18/2016982Bunker Buster, Tee Pee For My Tongue Hole40 S. Camilla St., Memphis, NTDEAD ELVIS 2016
8/13/2016981Don't Tell Your Sister, Runs Em Dry945 New York St., Memphis, TN
8/5/2016980Don't Tell Your Sister
7/30/2016979Pushing Rope494 N Bingham St, Memphis, TN
7/23/2016978Don't Tell Your Sister, Runs Em DryLiving Hope Church: Vollintine Evergreen, 815 N McLean Blvd, Memphis, TN
7/9/20169771520 N 2nd St, Memphis, Tennessee
7/1/2016976Jason's Deli at Poplar Plaza
6/25/2016975769 S Cooper St, Memphis, Tennessee
6/11/201697432 W EH Crump Blvd Memphis, T
6/3/2016973Aqua Vulva945 S Cooper St, Memphis, TNMoonlight
5/14/2016971Dacus Lake Rd under Interstate 55
5/6/20169706310 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN
4/30/2016969Mother May I
4/23/2016968Tee Pee For My Tongue Hole, Glue Factory Gum Job3013 Interstate Drive Memphis TN
4/9/2016967Cornholyeux, Pussy Woody4356 Forest Hill Irene #101, Memphis, Tennessee 38138
3/26/2016965Mother May I, Rag Time Gal5280 Summer Ave., Memphis, TN
3/12/20169642183 Washington Ave, Memphis, TN
3/4/2016963Spaghetti Warehouse; 40 Huling Ave., Memphis, TN
2/27/2016962Poplar / Willett
2/13/2016961Tsemenami Surfer, Dumpster Dick603 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN
2/5/2016960Garibaldi's Pizza 3530 Walker Ave, Memphis, TNMoonlight
1/30/2016959Double Clit Cum, Runs Em Dry1656 Central Ave., Memphis, TN
1/23/2016958Glue Factory Gum Job, Three Hour Tour
1/9/2016957Ride the Tide, Aqua VulvaTobey Ballpark
1/1/2016956Kernel Anus190 S. McLean Memphis, TNMoonlight
12/26/2015955Cornholyeaux3762 Carnes Ave., Memphis, TN
12/19/2015954Kernel Anus945 New York street (parking corner)Blue Balls
12/12/20159532 Beds 1 Nightmare, Sugar TitsWhite Station Middle SchoolJingle Balls
12/4/2015952Schlempa Shopper, Cum Solo2183 Washington Ave., Memphis, TNMoonlightGood Vibrations
11/28/2015951Peabody Park 2135 Higbee Ave, Memphis, TN
11/14/2015950Mother May IRec Room 3000 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN
11/7/2015949Cornholyeaux3762 Carnes Ave., Memphis, TNBASH
11/6/20159482 Beds 1 Nightmare, Cum SoloGaribaldi's Pizza, 3530 Walker Ave, Memphis, TN 38111MoonlightNo Strings Attached, Tugs Bunny
10/31/2015947LBOE - 2021 Madison Ave.Halloween
10/24/2015946One-Eyed Wetter, Rag Time Gal394 E E.H.Crump Blvd, Memphis, TN
10/10/2015945Aquavulva1572 Overton Park Ave., Memphis, TN
10/2/2015944TN Welcome Center - 119 N Riverside Dr, Memphis, TN 38103Moonlight
9/26/2015943Glue Factory Gum Job, Runs Em Dry197 W. Georgia Ave.
9/12/2015942Prince Handjob, Comes When Momma Calls4 Wheel Parts Performance Center - Memphis, 2369 Covington Pike, Memphis, TN
9/4/2015941P&H Cafe - 1532 Madison Ave., Memphis, TNMoonlight
8/29/2015940One-Eyed Wetter2183 Washington Ave., Memphis, TN
8/22/2015939Bring Em Young, Prince Handjob461 S. Highland St., Memphis, TN
8/16/2015938Darth FesterQuality Inn - 42 S Camilla St, Memphis, TNDead Elvis 2015 - Hangover Hash
8/15/2015937Mother May I, Vagina BarkQuality Inn - 42 S Camilla St, Memphis, TNDead Elvis 2015Aquavulva
8/14/2015936One-Eyed Wetter, Black Cock DownQuality Inn - 42 S Camilla St, Memphis, TNDead Elvis 2015 - Social Crawl
8/8/2015935Veterans Plaza, Overton Park
8/7/2015934Mother May I2586 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TNMoonlight
7/25/2015933Overton Park East Gazebo
7/11/2015932945 New York St., Memphis, TN
7/3/2015931Jason's Deli (3473 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN)Moonlight
6/27/2015930Bunker Buster, Runs Em Dry613 University St, Memphis, TN
6/13/2015929Full Metal3028 Canyon Rd., Memphis, TN
6/5/2015928Butter & A Running Start, Tight Lips945 S Cooper St. Memphis, TNMoonlight
5/30/2015927Rear Admiral Brokakke6284 Willow Walk Way, Arlington, TN
5/23/2015926Tobey Park
5/9/2015925400 N Front St, Memphis, TN
3381 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN
4/25/2015923Kernel Anus2215 James Rd., Memphis, TN
4/11/2015922Mississippi Greenbelt Park - Harbortown, Memphis, TN
4/3/2015921945 New York St., Memphis, TNMoonlight
3/28/2015920P&H Cafe - 1532 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN
3/6/2015918Spaghetti Warehouse - 40 Huling Ave, Memphis, TNMoonlight
2/28/2015917769 S. Cooper St., Memphis, TN
2/14/2015916Tennessee Welcome Center - 119 N Riverside Dr, Memphis, TNRED DRESS RUN
2/6/2015915Garibaldi's Pizza, 3530 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN
1/31/2015914758 Normal Circle, Memphis, TN
1/24/20159132011 Peabody Ave, near Slider Inn.
1/2/2015911Bank parking lot across from Huey's on Madison Ave.
12/27/2014910Doughboy statue in Overton Park
12/13/2014909Runs Em Dry, Sugar Tits568 Colonial Rd., Memphis, TNJingle Balls
12/5/2014908Alex's Tavern - 1445 Jackson Ave, Memphis, TNMoonlight
11/22/20149073908 Park Ave Memphis, TN
11/8/2014906Mother May I2183 Washington Ave., Memphis, Tennessee
11/7/20149053530 Walker Ave, Memphis, TNMoonlight
10/17/2014903Tounge In CheekVFW - Millington, TN 38053Camp out hash, and air show
10/3/2014901119 N Riverside Dr, Memphis, TN 38103
9/27/2014900Kernel Anus, One-Eyed WetterKennedy Park, 4575 Raleigh Lagrange Road, Memphis, TN901Schlampe Shopper26
9/13/2014899Nacho Crotch374 Metal Museum Dr, Memphis, TN 38106Fucking Martha Stewart, Snowball Slurpee13
9/5/2014898Cum Solo, Self ServiceP&H Cafe, 1532 Madison Ave, Memphis, TNMoonlightBunker Buster, Eight It, Poolio15
8/30/2014897Self Service2405 Autumn Ave, Memphis, TN 38112Pick-up Hash7
8/23/2014896Nothing But Dick, Runs Em Dry3824 Austin Peay Hwy.13
8/17/2014895Hold The MeatHash Hotel (Quality Inn, 43 Camilla St., Memphis, TN)Dead Elvis Hangover Hash38
8/16/2014894Comes When Momma Calls, Prince Handjob, Tsemenami SurferHash Hotel (Quality Inn, 43 Camilla St., Memphis, TN)DEAD ELVIS 2014Lick Mother Lick Daughter, Tongue In Cheek83
8/15/2014893Self ServiceHash Hotel (Quality Inn, 43 Camilla St., Memphis, TN)Dead Elvis - Social Hash69
8/9/2014892Daddy Not The Handcuffs, Fountain of Juice710 S 4th St, Memphis, TN 3812624
8/1/2014891Poplar Lounge 2586 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TNMoonlight
7/26/2014890One-Eyed Wetter, Crouching Stoner Hidden Cheetah2306 Hernando Road, Memphis, TNOedipus Complex, Nothing But Dick, How Many Dicks20
7/12/2014889Self Service, SNUFFLEUPABITCHTobey Park, Avery Avenue, Memphis, TN20
7/5/2014888Cuddle Puncher, Hummer GaymesMartin Luther Riverside Park 498 E Mallory Ave Memphis, TN 38106Crouching Stoner Hidden Cheeta, Daddy Not The Handcuffs
7/4/2014887Runs Em DryFlying Saucer downtown, Memphis, TNMoonlight Pub Crawl16
6/28/2014886Dickster, Box WineBehind Evergreen Presbyterian Church, 613 University St, Memphis, TN 38107 19
6/14/2014885Chappers Delight, Runs Em DryKudzu's parking lot - 603 Monroe Ave Memphis, Tennessee 3810320
6/2/2014884Bank of America, 945 South Cooper Street, Memphis, TNMoonlight
5/31/2014883Peaches & Scream, Runs Em DryNesbit Park, Memphis, TN14
5/24/2004882Sugar Tits, Hummer Gaymes1956 Crump Avenue, Memphis, TN
5/10/2014881Snuffle Up A Bitch, $20 HollaAutumn, just east of East Parkway, and south of Sam CooperChappers Delight
5/2/2014880Walgreens, 6310 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TNMoonlight
4/26/20148792 Pump Chump, One-Eyed Wetter1662 Lawrence Ave, Memphis TN 38112Family Strokes
4/12/2014878Hard on For Harvard, $20 HollaIntersection of I 40 and Watkins, a parking lot northeast of Exit 6 on I-40. Coordinates 35.196297, -89.957019 on Google maps, close to I-40 and Warford.Pleazes Christ, Snuffle Up A Bitch17
4/4/2014877Self ServiceOak Court Mall near Macy's on Southern sideMoonlight17
3/29/2014876Dickster, $20 HollaJohn Corlew Park at NW corner of Linden/Florence, Memphis, TN18
3/22/2014875Cuddle Puncher, Skeet SkeetSenses parking lot, 2866 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38111
3/8/2014874Floppy & The Jets
1/25/2014869Hardon For Harvard
1/11/2014868Straddle My BeamAgricenter Show Place Arena: big parking lot off Timber Creek Drive and South Germantown Parkway 105 South Germantown Parkway Cordova, TN 38018Open Season for Straddle My Beam
1/3/2014867Straddle My BeamBank parking lot across from Huey's Midtown on Madison Ave.
12/28/2013866Wading To Get Wet, Flogger MongerVisitor Information Center, 119 North Riverside Drive, Memphis, TN
12/13/2013865Nursery Slime, Tsemenami SurferParking lot behind Blue Monkey (Madison Ave) at the corner of Court Ave. / Morrison St.Jingle Balls
12/6/2013864Hi Tone Cafe, N. Cleveland St., Memphis, TNMoonlight
11/30/2013863Prick The Boy Wonder, Self ServiceParking Lot at NW corner of New York / Young Ave., Memphis, TNKernel Anus
11/23/2013862King TwoToCumin, Runs Em Dry374 Metal Museum Dr, Memphis, TN 38106
11/17/2013861Cuddle PuncherSenses parking lot, 2866 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38111
11/9/2013860Flaming Pussy, $20 Holla, Just LloydParking Lot behind 1223 S Germantown Rd, Germantown, TN - Wolf River TrailsWorking Stiff
11/1/2013859Self Service, Tsemenami Surfer3548 Walker, old YMCA buildling near the University of MemphisMoonlight
10/26/2013858Shoots & Splatters, Self ServiceWarehouse parking lot - Across the street from Jack Magoo's - 2583 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN 38112COSTUME HASHWine Box, Dickster, Nursery Slime
10/14/2013857Mother May I2046 Higbee AveMonday Night
10/12/2013856Straddle My Beam, JackulaMLK Park & MarinaZombie Hash
10/4/2013855Self ServiceRiverside Visitor Center - 119 Riverside Dr. Memphis, TN 38103Moonlight
9/28/2013854Tsemenami Surfer, RED674 Stonewall St., Memphis, TN 38107
9/14/2013853EpiPenis, Double DickPeabody/Rembert
9/6/2013852$20 Holla, King TuTu CuminP&H Café - 1532 Madison Ave., Memphis, TN 38104Moonlight
8/24/2013851Damaged Goods, Prince Handjob11249 Ivy Dr. Arlington, TN 38002Golden Showerhead, Dubaicycle
8/18/2013850Hash HotelDead Elvis-Hangover
8/17/20138493 Men & A Horse, Flaming Pussy, Three to 6 Humps, Ice T BagElvis Presley BlvdDead Elvis
8/16/2013848Hash HotelDead Elvis-Moonlight
8/10/2013847Flogger Monger, $20 HollaMeeman Shelby Forest State Park - 910 Riddick Road Millington , TN 38053
8/2/2013846Kudzu's - 603 monroe Ave. Memphis, TN 38103Moonlight
7/27/2013845Jackula, Clench & Close4575 Raleigh Lagrange Road Memphis, TN 38128
7/13/2013844EpiPenis, OPie, REDBackStreet - 2018 Court Ave Memphis, TN 38104Brown Bag
7/5/20138433473 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38111Moonlight
6/29/2013842Levitt Shell, Poplar @ N Tucker
6/22/2013841Self Service, REDKudzu's 603 Monroe Ave Memphis, TN 38103
6/8/2013840One-Eyed Wetter, Three to 6 HumpsTobey Park - Flicker St., Memphis, TN
6/7/2013839BofA - Cooper/YoungMoonlight
5/11/2013837Flogger Monger, Slappin Happy4015 Austin Peay Hwy., Memphis, TNDaddy's Chew Toy
5/3/20138366310 POPLAR AVE Memphis TN 38119
4/27/2013835Full MetalFull Metal Mansion
4/13/2013834Blown Seal, Oral Projection1795 Mignon Ave. Memphis TN 38107Clue Hash
4/5/2013833Oak Court Mall near Macy's on Southern sideMoonlight
3/30/2013832Our Bloody Bitch, Lost in My Rabbit Hole3689 Spottswood Avenue, Memphis, TN, 38111
3/23/2013831Carry On Kids, CoBo2046 Higbee Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104
3/16/2013830Earnestine and Hazel's - 531 S Main St Memphis, TN 38103
3/9/2013829Suck No Fuck, Self Service945 New York St., Memphis, TN
3/1/2013828Spaghetti WarehouseMoonlight
2/23/2013827Ice T, Prick TBW2440 Hickory Crest Dr, Memphis, TN
2/9/2013826RED, High Guys, Full MetalBuccaneer Lounge -1368 Monroe Ave Memphis, TN 38104Red Dress
2/1/2013825Full Moon
1/6/2013822Flaming Pussy, $20 HollaMemphis Zoo - 2000 Prentiss Pl, Memphis, TNLip Service
12/31/2012821Ring Toss, REDJingle Balls
8/22/2012Flaming Pussy, Headstone HumperTug's - 51 Harbor Town Square, Memphis, TNGreek Hash
8/18/2012Dead Elvis
7/23/2012Behind P&H
3/24/2012777Cox St., Memphis, TN$20 Holla, Three Men and a Horse
2/12/2012Riverside Visitor CenterRed Dress Run
1/29/2012Blown Seal, OPieScooy Doo Hash
1/14/2012Tequilla Bigbird, Winky DinkBig Wig Hash
12/31/2011Jingle Balls
11/28/2011Clerk Jerk, Our Bloody BitchMeeman Shelby Forrest
11/12/2011Full MetalFull Metal Mansion
10/23/2011One-Eyed Wetter, Show & SwellOrnamental Metal MuseumStashes & GlassesRedRum
10/9/20113D, REDSuperhero Hash
9/30/2011Clerk Jerk, Jerk OffHashganistan
8/26/2011One-Eyed Wetter, Ice T Bag, RED, SnipsDead ElvisTequilla Bigbird, Wish Prone, Winky Dink
7/11/2011Full MetalPool Hash
6/27/2011Brown Bag Hash
6/19/2011Our Bloody Bitch, Full Metal
5/17/2011743Sardis LakeCampout Hash
4/25/2011742RED, Blown Seal674 Stonewall St., Memphis, TNEaster Hash
4/16/2011741Full Moon
4/10/2011740One Eyed-Wetter, SurferVinton Ave.
3/27/2011738Prince Handjob, Damaged Goods
3/12/2011737RED, One-Eyed Wetter
2/27/2011Ice T Bag, Headstone HumperBackStreetRed Dress Run
2/18/2011RP TracksFull Moon
734RED, Show & Swell
1/22/2011733RED, Surfer674 Stonewall St., Memphis, TN
12/18/2010Santa Blaus
10/29/2010724Headbone, FloggerCostume Pub Crawl
10/23/2010723RED, Our Bloody BitchSpottswood, Memphis, TNWorld Peace Through Beer
10/15/2010722Flipper, CabooseSardis LakeCampout Hash
10/9/2010721P-Hard, OPie
9/25/2010720Flipper, Caboose, RED, OPie3000 Nail Rd., Southaven, MS 38672
9/17/2010719P & H CafeFull Moon
9/11/2010718Cash, ToysArlington, TN
7/31/2010715Oral Projection, Our Bloody Bitch3702 Carnes Ave., Memphis, TN
7/24/2010714Headstone Humper.cum, RED1210 Dearing Road, Memphis, TN
5/8/2010706Ice Tea Bag, C. E. Jackula
4/24/2010705Porno Puncher, Slip & SlideRiverside Visitor's Center at 195 Fulton St Memphis, TN 38103
4/10/2010704Runs Em Dry, Swallows The Last Supper
3/13/2010Headstone Humper.cum, Tsemenami Surfer
2/20/2010Red Dress RunIce T Bag
1/30/2010Ice Hash
12/19/2009694All Cock No Pork7746 Shadow Hills Dr
11/14/2009693Straddle My Beam / BTFU1550 Ingram Blvd West Memphis, AR 72301 Southland Greyhound ParkStick A Dick In It
11/6/2009692JackulaRP Tracks 3547 Walker AveFull Moon
10/24/2009691BMW / BiPolar PussyOverton Park PavillionBrown Bag
10/10/2009690Straddle My BeamShelby Farms Visitor's Center
10/2/2009689JackulaRiveside Visitor's CenterFull Moon
9/26/2009688HBH / Geriatric HandjobOveton Park Pavillion
9/12/2009687Jackula / All Cock No PorkShelby Forest State Park: 910 Riddick Road,38053Captain Co-Cock
9/4/2009686JackulaP&H Cafe at 1532 MadisonFull Moon
8/29/2009685Flogger / HBH9700 Village Circle, Arlington, TN 38002
8/15/2009683Jackula / Blown SealPoplar Plaza at HighlandDead Elvis Trail
8/7/2009682JackulaSchool Board Parking lot 2597 Avery AveFull Moon
7/25/2009681Straddle My BeamLucius E. Burch East Parking Area, G'town Parkway & S Walnut Bend
7/11/2009680Little Jack Horny / Porno PuncherParking lot at New York St. and Young
7/3/2009679JackulaMcAlister's Deli in Poplar PlazaFull Moon
6/27/2009678Prono Puncher / V8 SplashStanky Creek
6/13/2009677All Cock No Pork1701 Autumn Ave, Memphis TN 38112King Kamehameha HashCrouching Squirrel
6/5/2009676JackulaBank of America, corner of Cooper & Young: 945 South CooperFull Moon
5/30/2009675Goes Down RoyallyFirst Congregational Church, 1000 S Cooper St
5/15/2009DS28BMWBMW's house at 1654 Monroe Ave
5/9/2009673Geriatric Handjob1105 N Houston Levee Rd, TN 38018
5/8/2009672JackulaWalgreen's parking lot at 6310 PoplarFull Moon
4/25/2009671BMW / Manhole Cover6991 Appling Farms Parkway (just off of Whitten Road)
4/11/2009670Clerk / Jerk Off1724 W. White Station Road, Goodwill Parking
3/14/2009669Blown Seal / HBHBlown Seal's house: 2586 Union Avenue
2/20/2009DS27BMWBMW's house at 1654 Monroe AveMardi Gras
2/14/2009664Goes Down RoyallyPiggly Wiggly on Madison and AvalonRed Dress
2/6/2009663JackulaSpaghetti Warehouse at 40 Huling AveFull Moon
1/31/2009662Straddle My Beam / BTFUTom Sawyers Mississippi River RV Park - 1286 South 8th Street West Memphis, AR
1/24/2009661Porno PuncherFirestone Tire & Auto Center at 4035 Austin Peay Hwy
1/16/2009660JackulaRP Tracks 3547 Walker AveFull Moon
1/10/2009659Flogger / HBHBuffalo Wild Wings @ Wolfchase 8385 US Highway 64
12/20/2008658All Cock No Pork7746 Shadow Hills Dr
12/12/2008657JackulaRP Tracks 3547 Walker AveFull Moon
12/6/2008656Porno PuncherForrest Park at the corner of Union & ManassasPost St JudeAll Cock No Pork
11/21/2008DS26JackulaFlying Saucer Downtown
11/15/2008655Flogger / HBHSingleton Community Center, 7266 3rd Rd. Bartlett
11/7/2008654JackulaP&H Cafe at 1532 MadisonFull Moon
11/1/2008653BMW / Tits kabobShelby Farms Picnic Area #8
10/24/2008DS25BMWBMW's house at 1654 Monroe AveHalloween
10/18/2008652JackulaFreeman Park, 2629 Bartlett Blvd
10/10/2008651JackulaRiverside Visitor's CenterFull Moon
10/4/2008650Flogger / HBHRegions Bank at 2269 Democrat
9/24/2008DS24Jackula / FloggerOverton Park Golf House
9/20/2008649Straddle My BeamTilden Rodgers Sports Complex/Park: N Airport Rd & I-40, West Memphis
9/12/2008648JackulaBluff City Sports, 769 S Cooper St
9/6/2008647Geriatric Handjob / BMWOverton Park Pavillion
8/31/2008646Jackula / FloggerOld Best Buy Parking Lot 7072 Winchester Rd
8/22/2008645JackulaSchool Board Parking lot 2597 Avery AveFull Moon
8/16/2008644JackulaRiverside Visitor's CenterDead Elvis TrailBack The Fuck Up
8/8/2008DS23BMWBMW's house at 1654 Monroe Ave
8/2/2008643Little Jack Horny / Magma ShaftRiverset Appartments on Harbor Town
7/19/2008642Flogger / Dairy Queen8122 Short Grass Cove, Bartlett, TN 38002Tits Kabob / Dairy Queen
7/11/2008DS22JackulaHuey's at 4872 Poplar
6/27/2008641JackulaBank of America, corner of Cooper & Young: 945 South CooperFull Moon
6/21/2008640Tooth FairyAcross from Shelby Oaks Business Park, 5640 Summer AvenueSummer Solstace
6/13/2008DS21JackulaRio Loco at 117 Union Ave
6/7/2008639Magma Shaft / Tits kabobU of M parking lot on the corner of Walker and Zach Curlin
5/31/2008638HBH / BMWStanky Creek on Yale RdBonus Hash!
5/23/2008637JackulaSnowden School at 1870 N ParkwayFull Moon
5/17/2008636Geriatric Handjob7845 Trinity, Cordova, TN in the back parking lot
5/9/2008DS20BMWBlues City Cafe at 138 Beale St
5/3/2008635Jackula109 North Main Street (Outside the Claridge House)Music Fest on-after
4/25/2008634Jackulasoutheast parking lot of Oak Court Mall, behind CK'sFull Moon
4/19/2008633JackulaOverton Park Pavillion
4/11/2008DS19BMWZinnie's at 1688 Madison Avenue, 38104
3/29/2008631Flogger / BMWPaint Ball Park in Lakeland 9640 Davis Plantation Rd.
3/21/2008630JackulaMcAlister's Deli in Poplar PlazaFull Moon
3/8/2008629Bipolar Pussy / Magma ShaftLos Compadres at 2617 Poplar Ave
2/22/2008628Jackula / Flying CondomRiverside Visitor's CenterFull Moon
2/16/2008627Prono Puncher2048 Jefferson Avenue
2/8/2008DS17Flogger / HBHWillie Moffat's at 2779 Whitten Rd
2/3/2008626Knows Seamen / Black CrackGrahamwood School, 3950 Summer Ave. 38122
1/25/2008625Jackula1782 Madison Avenue Parking lot behind Barbecue ShopFull Moon
1/19/2008624Jackula / Magma ShaftGazebo behind Riverset Apt leasing office 56 Sawyer Cir
1/11/2008DS16JackulaRP Tracks 3547 Walker Ave
1/5/2008623FloggerMemphis Wholesale Imports at 3475 Summer Ave
12/21/2007622JackulaRP Tracks 3547 Walker AveFull Moon
12/15/2007621FloggerWalgreen's on Summer at Highland
12/7/2007DS15FloggerThe Billiard Club @ 2686 Kirby Whitten rd
12/1/2007620ClerkForrest Park at the corner of Union & ManassasPost St Jude
11/17/2007618Geriatric Handjobdead end of Pate Road, Memphis 38133
11/9/2007DS15BMWRP Billiards on South Highland
11/3/2007617Jackula / Porno PuncherIH Managerial park in Lakeland
10/26/2007616BMW / Admiral SnatchelUbee's, 521 S. HighlandHalloween
10/20/2007615Flip Flop / Barnacle Bill / Horny HoundS Mt. Pleasant Rd & Keough Rd25th Analversary
10/12/2007DS14Flogger / HBHBlue Monkey on Madison
10/6/2007614Bipolar Pussy / Magma ShaftFarmer's Market Parking Lot - S Front & GE Patterson
9/28/2007613JackulaP&H Cafe at 1532 MadisonFull Moon
9/15/2007612FloggerGlenview Park. 1141 Lamar at E. Mclemore
9/7/2007DS13Jackula / FloggerOverton Park Golf House
9/1/2007611JackulaKennedy Park - 4577 Raleigh-LaGrange Road
8/18/2007610Jackula / FloggerSummer Drive-InDead Elvis Trail
8/10/2007DS12BMWBMW's house at 1654 Monroe Ave
8/4/2007609Straddle My Beampark near Marion High School in AR
7/29/2007608JackulaBank of America, corner of Cooper & Young: 945 South CooperFull Moon
7/21/2007607Jackula / Hold the MeatKennedy Park - 4577 Raleigh-LaGrange Road
7/13/2007DS11JackulaRP Billiards on South Highland
7/7/2007606JackulaOverton Park Pavillion
6/23/2007605Flogger4035 Austin Peay Hwy - Tire and Service Center
6/16/2007604Trench FootFirst Tenn bank on the corner of Germantown and PoplarCar Wash
6/15/2007DS10Jackula / BMWBMW's house at 1654 Monroe Ave
6/9/2007603Willie WankerFront & GE Patterson in the Farmer's Market Parking Lot
6/2/2007602Flogger / HBHWendy's at the corner of Humphries Blvd and Walnut Grov
5/19/2007601Jackula / FloggerWashington Park downtown
5/12/2007600BMW / Admiral SnatchelOLD Burke's Books on Poplar and EvergreenCinco De MayoPorno Punch / Admiral Snatchel
5/11/2007DS9Jackula / BMWBMW's house at 1654 Monroe Ave
5/5/2007599JackulaRiverside Visitor's CenterMusic Fest on-after
4/21/2007598JackulaOverton Park Golf House
4/14/2007597Trench FootRegions Bank at Trinity and Germantown
4/13/2007DS8JackulaHuey's Downtown - Corner of 2nd & Union
3/31/2007596Jackula / Geriatric HandjobRiverside Visitor's CenterGeriatric Handjob
3/17/2007595BMWOverton Park PavillionSt Paddy's Day
3/16/2007DS7BMWCeltic Crossing on Cooper
3/10/2007594Jackula / Porno PuncherWillow Lake Business Park - 5300 E Raines Rd
3/3/2007593Flogger4050 North Germantown Rd at the Shelby County Farm Bureau
2/17/2007592Trench Foot / BMWOverton Park Shell AreaMardi Gras
2/16/2007DS6HBH / BMWBarbecue Shop at 1782 Madison Avenue
2/10/2007591Statue of Puberty / PornarottiStanky Creek on Yale RdBrown Bag
2/3/2007590Pornarotti7960 Wolf River Blvd, Germantown
1/27/2007589Jackula7114 Winchester Road (closed Best Buy parking lot)
1/20/2007588Pornarotti / TANGparking lot @ S. Cooper and Trimble PlaceCollege Spirit
1/19/2007DS5Flogger / HBHThe Billiard Club @ 2686 Kirby Whitten rd
1/13/2007587Flogger / Barn SoloCunningham Community Center. 3773 Allen Rd
1/6/2007586BMW / PornarottiOverton Park Pavillion
12/30/2006585Jackula / Flying CondomMall of Memphis parking lot
12/16/2006584DS2 / JackulaShelby ForestBrown Bag
12/15/2006DS4Piggus DickusBlue Monkey on Madison
12/9/2006583Flogger / HBHBartlett Woods Church at 7800 Old Brownsville
12/2/2006582DS2 / JackulaStanky CreekPost St JudeFlogger Monger / Barn Solo
11/18/2006581JackulaOverton Park PavillionFamily
11/17/2006DS3BMWYoung Avenue Deli near the corner of Cooper & Young
11/11/2006580DS2 / FancyJohnny Brusco’s pizza 3810 Hacks Cross Road
11/4/2006579Nasty Ditch / TANG475 N Germantown Pky - Target LotHBH
10/28/2006578Pornarotti887 S Highland at South Park Bar and GrillHalloween
10/21/2006577AHOD / Dick N Cider7615 US Highway 70Octoberfest
10/20/2006DS2Jackula / FloggerArcade Restaurant on South Main
10/14/2006576Jackula / Dick N CiderBB King/Elvis Presley Visitor's Center @ 119 N Riverside Dr
10/7/2006575Flogger / DS2Singleton Pkwy and Austin Peay in Raliegh
9/30/2006574Statue of Puberty / PornarottiKOHL's parking lot 2335 Germantown Pkwy
9/23/2006573BMWOverton Park PavillionFamily
9/22/2006DS1Piggus Dickus / BMWBMW's house at 1654 Monroe Ave
9/16/2006572DS2 / 20 pound Girl ScoutMid South MAiZE at 7777 Walnut Grove Rd
9/9/2006571Piggus Dickus / DS2Construction zone across from 8552 Bethuel Road, Millington, TN
9/2/2006570Jackula / Flying CondomIH Managerial park in LakelandSucks Small Spits Big
8/19/2006569ClerkNorth Memphis / Raligh areaDead Elvis Trail
8/12/2006568Piggus DickusOutside Millington Naval BaseFlying Condom
8/9/2006567Clerk4030 Austin Peay just past Covington Pike, Ducks CarpetFull Moon
8/5/2006566Jackula / Nasty Ditch50 Humphreys CtrD'erectionally Challenged
7/22/2006565Pornarotti7615 US Highway 70AHOD / Dick N Cider
7/1/2006563Jackula / Willie WankerOverton Park PavillionWillie Wanker
5/20/2006559Piggus Dickus / JackulaStanky CreekJackula